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3 years ago

Pipeline or URL Formula?

I have several Pipeline Automations that create a "task" whenever an employee adds an event to their calendar. Each person has their own table. I want them to be able to add that task, whenever they have finished editing all the fields, to an aggregate table that will show every staff member's completed tasks. At the same time, I want that task to be hidden from their individual table.

I wasn't sure if this was better to do through a pipeline or through relationships and formulas. I think it only needs to be a formula.

Bethany Hudson

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  • It can be done with a pipeline but if I was doing it I would probably make a URL formula button which would be clicked. When clicked it would edit the task to flag it so as not to appear on the users task list report and to add a record to another table.  

    An advantage of doing a formula URL button is that the results would appear instantly to the user and there would not be the delay waiting for the pipeline to execute.

    Mark Shnier (YQC)