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3 years ago

Pipeline Search test to check for zero results

I have a Pipeline search and I'm trying to Branch if the search returned no results.

Branch after the C Search is this

Expression Evaluates to TRUE

{{c | count}}=0

But when the Pipeline gets to that step it throws an error, so I think that Syntax must be incorrect.  How do i correct the Syntax?

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  • I think the syntax you're looking for is {{ c|count == 0}}.

    I know we also spoke about this in email, so I also saw that that the loop you had in step C did not contain any steps... this can cause the conditional branch to fail... Why? I can't explain, but Pipelines does not like empty loops.

    I also shared that the expression you're trying to write may not be necessary. Rather, select the step in the conditional branch, then choose "is empty" in the dropdown field.

    Even though you may not need Jinja for this use, I recommend checking out the Intro to Jinja course that includes over 50 different Jinja functions and multiple video demonstrations.

    Sharon Faust (
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