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3 years ago

querry list of projects

Hello.   I have a PROJECTS table, DAILY REPORTS table, and a MONTHS table.  daily report table is a child of the projects table.

The daily reports of course have the date that we work on the project.   There could be one daily report but there could also be 10 daily reports associated to the project.  

I have created on the MONTHS table a field to get a list of projects that we worked on each month.  I have been able to get this HOWEVER, if they worked that project on 5 days that month, the project shows up 5 times on the list. 

the formula I am using is : 

var text QUERY="{38.OAF.'" & ([Month Start]) & "'}AND{38.OBF.'" & LastDayOfMonth([Month Start]) & "'}";


fid 38 being the date of the daily report.  and fid173 being the related project

would also  be great if I could put them in alphabetical order. 

Any suggestions on how to get rid of the duplicates?

Tina Revermann
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