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3 months ago

Question about relationships

Hi there. I'm new to Quickbase and trying to learn as I go. I'm building some tables for our company and need help with the relationship between customers and their orders. I apologise if this has been asked countless times - if someone can point me to the right answer I'd be very grateful.

Our company has many customers - and I've created a 'customer info' table to store their information (company name, contact info, website, phone, email, address etc). These customers can place lots of orders with us. So my second table is an 'order sheet' which has details of what they've ordered, when it's needed by, what size it is, its weight - that sort of thing.

On this 'order sheet' table, I would like to have some of the customer info (company, contact name and phone number). I'd ideally like it if, when the customer name is selected from a drop-down (or similar) then their phone number, contact name and email is automatically populated.

Is that possible? 

As a follow-up, if it is possible, and once the relationship is properly defined, can I select a customer from the 'customer info' table and then show a list of everything they've ordered? Would that require a new table?

Thanks in advance if anyone can help (especially if it's explained as simply as possible!)



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  • Quick basis design to do exactly what you're asking for using relationships.

    You should make a relationship where one customer has many order sheets. that relationship to add look up fields to bring down any of the Customer fields, including customer name down to the order sheets table. Be sure to go to the field probably called related customer on the order sheets Table and edit the field properties and choose Customer name as the proxy for that field. Then the field that you want to show on your order sheets, form will be Customer name. will allow you to choose a Customer on the order sheets table or conversely if you launch often customer record to add an order sheet, it will auto populate. 

    then, you can make a report of order sheets and put that report on the Customer form and set an additional filter on the configuration panel for that report element to use the order sheets report link field that was created automatically by Quickbase when you made that relationship. That will ensure that when you were looking at a customer, you only see orders relevant to that customer.