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11 months ago

QuickBooks Invoice Balance

Hi there,

We use QuickBooks Online for our invoicing system.  We have a pipeline that sends the invoice data from QuickBase over to QuickBooks Online to create an invoice.  I'd like to provide the current invoice balance to my team, so they can see if a project has been paid.  I tried sending over the payment data via Zapier, because I couldn't figure out how to do it via a pipeline.  But now I'm finding that it isn't accurate if a customer pays multiple invoices with one check.  Does anyone out there have any experience solving this problem?



Scott Cote

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  • You would likely need to play with the reporting and tracking of it, but I would advise looking at using a connected table to Quickbooks as opposed to going through Pipelines. Quickbase has had a connected table sync to Quickbooks that allows you to pull data like invoices, payments, customers etc to a sync table. It doesn't give you exactly what you need but it should allow you to view the payment data in its raw format and use Quickbase relationships, summaries and misc formulas to get you in the ballpark

    Connected Tables

    Chayce Duncan