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11 months ago

Sending Notifications on a Parent Table based on a Child Table Record


I am trying to build a support platform and was wondering if it was possible to create a notification on a Parent table when a record is added on a Child Table. For example, someone puts in a support ticket (new record on the Parent table) and a support member can enter a Reply (new record on the Child table). My hope is that the notification would let the person who created the support ticket on the Parent table know that someone has replied to them.

Cassandra Friend

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  • No problem. Simply look up the field of who created the record on the parent table, I guess this would be the record, owner field, down to the trial table, and then send them a notification.  

    it's quite easy to make a hyperlink that the user could click on in that notification to display the parent record. If you need help with that you can post back.

    but may be all you want to do is email the update to the user.

    Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach)