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3 years ago

Sending Reminders to Email Field recipients

Hello, I understand reminders are not able to be sent to email field recipients but only User or List-User field recipients.   I need the ability to send a reminder to a non-user and wonder if there is any work around for this?  I have a public form that people sign up for a service and would like to send out a reminder a set number of days before a date field value.   This only occurs once the service request was fully approved so it would only go to approved recipients.  Do we see this capability added or a modified method of doing this happening in the near future?  Since the email field recipient can receive notifications I know I could send a reminder to myself which could require triggering a field to send such an email but I'm trying to minimize touch on an approved entry.

Greg Hancock

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  • np,
    An email notification of type OPEN can go to non users. 

    Set up a pipeline to search for qualifying records. Then a For Each loop to have it update a field to trigger the notification.   I usually create a native field for the current date time formula   Now(). And push it to a trigger field for the email notification. 

    Mark Shnier (YQC)