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3 years ago

Snapshot Assistance

Looking for assistance on how to capture some data.

I have a table (Tracking Log) that will be used to log information about invoices that are being routed for approval.  This table relates to a Routing Matrix table that will hold names of persons that will need to review and approve said invoices.  The Routing Matrix will hold dynamic information so from month-to-month the names for a specific route might change.  

Since my Tracking Log is pulling in data from the Matrix should that data change then so to would my Log.  However, I want to capture the names of persons that actually reviewed the invoice at the time it was sent out.  Added to this is the possibility that for a given invoice we might need to override the default names from the Matrix as a one-off situation.

So in my Tracking Log I have created  several fields:
Matrix - Approver 1 (lookup field): linked related field to Routing Matric table
Override A1 (checkbox): to indicate if a one-off change is needed
Override Approver 1 (text field): to indicate new name
System Approver 1 (formula field): checks to see if Override A1 is checked and if so displays value in Override Approver 1, if not then displays value in Matrix - Approver 1

Routing Matrix for Bob's Pool Hall - Development issue has Jane Smith as Approver 1.  Invoice(s) logged for that route reflect that they were sent to Jane, or if needed, a one-off alternative.  This route is utilized for several invoices over several months.

Routing Matrix for Bob's Pool Hall - Development issue has been reassigned to George Adams so the matrix is updated.  We need to make sure that all previous log entries retain the fact that they were sent to Jane, or the overridden alternate, but now are being sent to George.

So how can I take a snapshot of my System Approver 1 field so that value won't change even if the Matrix - Approver 1 does.  I had created a text field (Approver 1) and was hoping that it would serve as a snapshot field for System Approver 1, but you can only do a snapshot of a lookup field.

Basically I need to capture the default Matrix value or the Override value, if one, and not let it change even if the default Matrix value does.  Is this even possible?  Thanks



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    So I was able to set up a pipeline to accomplish the desired results, just wish the snapshot option applied to more field types.  That would have been the cleanest and easiest way.

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      Because snapshot-fields capture the values as records are either created or re-connected to the relationship that generates the new lookup value; you could alternatively use pseudo-snapshot fields.  These are normal-data entry fields that you name so that you know they are populated only one time (usually on add).  Such as [Lookup value (snapshot)].

      Then when a Record is Created; you can EDIT that record and populate all the values you want from your relationship/lookup fields and "push" them into the pseudo-snapshot fields which achieves the same thing without the limitation of the true-Snapshot field function.

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