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2 years ago

Sorting Bug?

Has anyone noticed that on a two column sort with a text field and a numeric field that the sort order is incorrect? For example I am sorting on "numericField" and then on "Country". As you can see, in the image below, the sort order is incorrect. I filed a case with Quickbase and got this response:

Good evening Claude,

Thank you for contacting QuickBase support. I see what you are describing. Although, realistically speaking, normal applications won't have the country names you've input. I suspect the randomness of your country inputs is causing the issue (and likely the sorting is reading the Z in "IAMxEdvzZ". Are you able to replicate this same problem with real country names?

Can you also please invite me to the application? I'd like to show this to my team for their input. 

Claude von Roesgen

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