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genResultsTable in grid edit

  • 1.  genResultsTable in grid edit

    Posted 07-17-2017 15:59
    Hi All. I am using the API_genResultsTable to generate a table in an iframe for a form. Everything is working as planned, but I would like to generate the report in grid edit mode, instead of just displaying the report. I know that you can add '&dlta=mog' to the url to send a report straight to the grid edit report, but it does not seem to be working in my case. Any ideas?

    var $myiframe = $("<iframe></iframe>")
    .attr('frameborder', '0').attr('width','100%')
    .attr('height','55%').attr('scrolling', 'yes')
    .css({'margin-top' : '-40px','margin-bottom':'30px'})
    .attr('src','bmxa39dfk?act=API_GenResultsTable&AppToken=bbrja39dnxmaebt2q56zdg34gqi&query={22.EX.'+ myRelatedTR +'}&clist=14.17.16&options=sortorder-A&nv=1&dlta=mog')

  • 2.  RE: genResultsTable in grid edit

    Posted 07-17-2017 19:38
    So I figured out the best way to do this: Instead of using a GenResultsTable api call, just use the related report link on the master table form, and set it to Editable on the form settings. works like a charm, and no extra stuff.