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3 years ago

Join/Integrated Table (Cross Apps)

Is it possible to use the same join/integrated table across apps and set the import field correctly.

App A has a join table field for projects and organizations to allow multiple organizations to be added in an embedded form within App A. Would like App B to use populate the field correctly when its information is imported to App A in a daily automation. 

Do I use a cross-app relationship or connected table to set-up the fields in App B  -  to give App B the same connection to the same join/integrated table as A - so I can just set the import values one time in the daily automation import.

Lashell Thomas

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  • Hi Lashell,

    Just to clarify in App A you currently have a Projects and Organizations table and you are using a join table between the two to allow you put multiple organizations to your Projects. I assume in App B you also have a table of Projects and you are looking to pull over your list of Organizations and create another join table between Projects and Organizations in App B? 

    If so then a sync table pulling over your Organizations table will help you to treat the Organizations table in App A as your single source of truth (new organizations would be added there and existing organizations would be updated there) and then you could create another join table between Projects (App B) and Organizations (Sync table in App B). This way you could replicate the build you have but maintain one table as your source of truth. I hope that helps with your question.

    Evan Martinez
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      this makes sense.  I then have to import that information from App B (join table) back into App A (Join table).  How do I have the import match the same project from App B into the same one in App (given that they are both different project tables).



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