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2 months ago

Pipeline - Build form from Record, that only populates with fields that meet criteria?

Is it possible to utilize Pipelines to build a form, that is keying off of field answers to questions already on that record? So say there are 50 questions, and for each question that is answered 'No' to (radio style button), the 'No' answered questions can be then generated onto a new form, that acts as an audit checklist? My thought was to have the New Checklist form be kicked off by a button, which the Pipeline can be looking at. But can the Pipeline create a form? Or can/will this need to be done through a different manner?

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  • I think you have two choices.

    1. Use Show / Hide / Required from rules on the original form.
    2. Have a Pipeline create a child table record for each "No" Question.  But the user interface will be more difficult to manage unless you are dealing with experienced internal users.


    If you are worried about users changing their answer subsequent to when they initially fill out the form then you can use form rules to not allow that after a certain point in time. I'm not really seeing a point of basically duplicating your form and all of the questions into a secondary table. It just seems like double maintenance and double work and a complicated pipeline for no good reason. 

  • Mark, so what about a Pipeline that will copy only the fields of a record, that are answered 'No'? So say there are 100 questions, these random 18 questions were answered no, pipeline them to a separate table, where a Form can be generated for those questions?

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      I think you are misunderstanding the capabilities of a form. You can't just create a new form on the fly with random fields on it.


      So like I said you can use Form to specify to open certain fields subject to conditions.


      For example.  Suppose Q1 (which is a multiple choice field - Yes / No) is

      [Do you have any Pre-existing medical conditions?]

      Then you can have a form rule that says when that is answered as "Yes", then

      Show the field called [Describe all your pre-existing medical conditions] 

      Require the field [Describe all your pre-existing medical conditions] 

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        Thank you for the reply, I'm on the same page regarding not being to create a form on the fly. I was mostly referring to using  Pipeline to copy the fields to a second table, to have a form created there. Mostly to keep the field values separate for auditing purposes, in case the original value vs. the updated value (since the 'NO' questions will be addressed). I'm also trying to understand all my options in accomplishing this in QB, since I still have a lot to learn. If copying the field values to another table (and successive form) isn't a good option, I'm guessing I can just create a new form with a lot of rules to Hide/Show the questions and actions (which might end up being the solution)

        The simplest solution like you laid out might be the best one.

  • I don't think so. A more normal way to do this would be to have the pipeline create child records as required. 

    Another approach could have Form Rules expose additional field(s) based on the radio button answers.