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3 years ago

URL Button to add a record, from a Dashboard/PAGE and select a different form

Hi All,

I have a number an approval application that has a table of approvals, that is used for 4 or 5 different approvals.  (Payment Requisition, Travel Requisition, etc.)

I can do this two ways.

1. Set Dynamic Forms, so that depending on the type of approval you select, the form adapts dynamically.
2. Have four or five different forms, and have the correct form open, depending on which button is pressed.

I would like, if possible to have 4 (or 5) different buttons on the home page.  One for Payment Requisition, one for Travel Requisition, etc.   And when pressed have an API_AddRecord with the dfid=12 field.  But i can't get it to work.

Any pointers.



Gerome Rich

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  • If you post an example of your current Add button and let us know which field(s) needs to be loaded on ADD  with which value, we can fix the syntax.

    Mark Shnier (YQC)
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      I suggest that you build the button first on any record in your app and then expose the URL code which is generated and copy and paste that into the URL on the dashboard button.

      The code to the standard add button would be 

      & "&_fid_99=" & URLEncode("Travel Requisition")

      The reason you need the URLEncode is because you were building a URL string and many characters are not allowed in URL strings including spaces.

      Mark Shnier (YQC)