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3 years ago

URL on home page to use field

I have a very random problem that I'm unsure if it is feasible.

I have a formula URL in a table which adds a new record with a bunch of formulas for the date, the button works great in the table.

My dilemma is trying to find a way to run this from the home page (Since that is where the data is visible).  I can create the url with a single case scenario which will fill out all the information fully but I would like it to reference the field created in the table so that it can calculate the current date.

Jeremy Cohen

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  • The only way to do calculations on the homepage will be to have a report on the homepage. The report may have just one record on it and it may have one field on it but if you can get such a report on the homepage it will kind of look like a button and then the button can do any formula calculations you want.

    Mark Shnier (YQC)