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I have a Numeric Formula. It is a simple subtraction field.
[Total Points 2015-16]-[Total Points 2016-2017] 
I would like to have it turn green when positive, and red when negative. 
I understand you can not do any conditional formatting in a Numeric Formula field. 
I understand you need to use a TextFormal Field. 
I have tried different things i have seen in other post, but i simply can not get it to work at all. 
What formula can i use to make this happen?
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Posted 2 years ago

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Try this

// enter your field name here:
var number Rounded = Round([My Points Subtraction field]);

var text MyNumberInText = ToText($Rounded); 

var text ColorCode =
$Rounded < 0,"pink", "green");

"pink","<div style=\"background-color: pink;\"" & ">" &  $MyNumberInText  & "</div>",

"green","<div style=\"background-color: #00C957;\"" & ">" &  $MyNumberInText & "</div>")
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var number points = [Total Points 2015-16]-[Total Points 2016-2017];

If( $points >= 0 , "<span style=\"color:#008000; font-weight:bold\">"&$points&"</span>", "<span style=\"color:#ff0000; font-weight:bold\">"&$points&"</span>"  )

I hope this will solve the issue !!!
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Thanks! Both worked.