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have added a user with status viewer to 1 app; they are getting 3 tabs in the Apps Bar:
My Apps - Application - New Apps

Would like to remove My Apps and New Apps from this bar......

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Posted 6 years ago

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Initially, the account manager can create new apps. Then, the account manager has two options on the Permissions tab of the Manage Billing Account page: let any user in this account create applications, or specify who can create applications.

Then, as more users join the account and start using apps, they can ask the account manager for permission to create apps.
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the user 'XYZ' is set up in Permissions tab with 'Create Applications' = No and 'Manage Account' = No.

but as originally posted - in the Simple Project Manager they have in their Apps bar, 3 tabs:
My Apps     -   SimpleProjectManager  -     New Apps
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Ben L

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Yes, being able to update the UI to NOT give users the option to click the new app button(s) would be super helpful and reduce the number of 'Create App' requests that we receive.
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Evan Martinez, Community Manager

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Hi Jim,

Currently there isn't a way set up for a single role to have their access in an app to the My Apps page and Create New restricted if the other permissions are not set to prevent them from creating an Application. Using the Branding option under the Application settings it is possible to 'Hide Quick Base standard menu options' This will hide the My Apps page, the Create new apps prompt and the dropdown in the upper right hand corner under the users name to test as user in an app or to access their personal settings. This would be restricted to just that app and would effect all users including admins within the app. 

If you feel being able to restrict access to the My Apps and Create Apps pages by role would be a beneficial feature in Quick Base, I would encourage you to submit feedback regarding this via our Feedback Platform - UserVoice - Which can most easily be accessed from the My Apps page in Quick Base by clicking on the orange Feedback tab or at .  This forum is used by our development team to explore customer suggestions for enhancements / changes to the platform. Many of the items that have been suggested by customers have already been incorporated into Quick Base and I would encourage you to participate as well. If you do create a User Voice thread for this issue I encourage you to post it hear so that other community users that agree can cast their vote as well. Thank you very much for your time today. 
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Ruby Kapil

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I see posts from 5 years ago regarding this same situation, yet I don't think it has been addressed. If you Hide in the Branding, you lose all personal settings. And next time user logs in they still see the My Apps page. 
Evan, Why can't QuickBase just take of the New App button and other such links if they do not have permissions to create new apps? As simple as that. Why is QuickBase adamant about showing that button, then leading people to click on it, just to show "You don't have permissions" and then leading them to send an email via QB to the account admins? Talking about uservoice, this has been requested about 6 years back. It is about time, QuickBase does something about it.
I don't like the either-keep-that-or-remove-everything-else approach.
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Can you elaborate on " if the other permissions are not set to prevent them from creating an Application"? Do you mean there's a way besides the Branding settings to prevent users from trying to create new apps?

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Ben L

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I think he's referring to account level permissions that can specify if a user is allowed to create apps or not, or if all users are allowed to create apps. The more helpful option would be to have the 'Create New App' icon/option removed, unless the user was specifically allowed permission via account admin access. 
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I just find it amazing that at one time or another I'd guess half of my users (or so it feels) have clicked on the 'create a new app' button, old UI and new. I don't know why they do it, or why they end up on the my apps page to begin with. I do have two apps they use, so I need the apps page as a tool to in case the other 'tab' disappears from infrequent use.
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Ryan Worthen

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I am just getting started with Quick Base and as an insurance company, and am DREADING the notifications I'm going to receive from everyone in our company that is going to click on "New App" thinking that it's going to do something related to our insurance application processing system. Sure would be nice to turn that option off! 
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It should be possible to hide those elements via IOL technique or similar.

As an example if you open up QuickBase and in Chrome hit f12 and go to the console and enter this next line, you will see the My Apps part disappear. You would use IOL to do this on every page a user interacts with, if you wanted it gone. 


A native solution would be better but seeing as this has been asked about for 5+ years that probably isn't coming. If the button is going to be that big of an issue consider hiding it like above.
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Ben L

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Give this article a try:

the content of the moduleBOL.js page is simply: