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  • 1.  Pipeline Bulk Record question

    Posted 02-14-2022 09:05

    I've migrated most of the simple automations to pipelines and have started on the more complex automations.  The first ones I started with are replacing the table to table import automations.  I started with the documentation provided by Quickbase in the help section, but wasn't sure what to enter in the Headers section for the Name and Values fields for the Make a Request step.  Then I looked at this post, Building Table-to-Table (T2T) Imports using Pipelines and saw it did not include the step for Make a Request.  I deleted the step and the pipeline worked as needed.  

    I have two questions, first, do I need the Make a Request step since it worked as needed without that step.  Second, What values should go in the Name and Values fields of the Make a Request step?

    Thank you in advance.

    Paul Peterson

  • 2.  RE: Pipeline Bulk Record question

    Posted 02-14-2022 10:14
    There are two methods.  If you already have the T2T import built, then the easiest way is to "Make Request".

    The API call  looks like this

    Method = POST

    The xxxx is the target table, the 11 is the ID of the import visible in the URL when you edit the import 

    Otherwise the no code method is to create the bulk upsert, do the search and then add a row for every search result and then commit the upsert.

    Mark Shnier (YQC)

  • 3.  RE: Pipeline Bulk Record question

    Posted 02-14-2022 13:44

    Thanks Mark,

    Some of the pipelines I need to create are for automations that run a T2T import, others are just writing from one table to another. Your answer covers both situations!

    Thank you!

    Paul Peterson