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3 years ago

MailTo command, sending to emails and cc issues

Has anyone else run into issue sending to multiple users using the MailTo Command? When sending to multiple recipients, I had typically used a semicolon to separate recipients.

It seems to function differently depending on the email client and device.

For example:

Desktop: Outlook seems to work fine when using semicolons. There may be spaces after each semi colon or not. Using commas to separate does not work.

Mobile with gmail:
Android seems to work fine with semi-colons
iOS works with commas but not semi colons

Mobile with outlook:
Android: untested
iOS: Seems to work with semicolons only if there is a space after the semicolon, and even then it says the emails are invalid, however will send the email and it will go through.

Using commas on iOS mobile is untested.

Does anyone have a better understanding of this? Or perhaps any tricks of how to send to multiple recipients and have it work no matter the device and email client?

Mike Tamoush

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  • FYI - not a hard and fast rule but more testing, and it seems that in general, comma delineated works for mobile, and semi colon delineated works for desktop.

    Again, there are so many combinations of desktop vs mobile, android vs iOS, and Gmail vs Outlook vs....that I couldn't test everything, but that seems to be a pretty good rule of thumb.

    Mike Tamoush