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Trying to get a chart report to work more like a pivot table chart in excel? What I mean is that a native Quickbase chart report will either let you use an average or sum to chart, but I want it to sum each series and do the calculation like a pivot table rather than average or sum it.

I'm basically wanting to calculate a percentage of two totals by week.

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Posted 4 years ago

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While its not fully clear to me how your data is setup, you seem to be asking to do calculations based on summary columns on a summary report or a chart.  I mention the Summary reports, because Charts are really a form of a Summary Report.

If you want to have some calculations done on summaries which are grouped by week, the way to do this is to use Excel to load up a table of dates and load up the first Sunday of the week for say the next 10 years.  make the Key field the Date Sunday field.

Then on your details table, make a formula field for the FirstDayOfWeek([date]) and use that as the reference field on the right side of a Relationships where 1 week has many details.  Get your summary totals to that Week record and then you should be able to do your calculations there and base your Graph off that Weeks Table..