Click a button in app 1 from button in record of app 2

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I hope my explanation is clear:

Situation - I have two apps, each app has a table and in that table there are records with a button.

App #1 - The button creates a file based on reference data.
App #2 - The button creates a new record in the App #1 table

I need the button from App #2 to not only create the new record but also automatically click the button for that record to generate the file.

Setting up the button to generate the new record is not a problem, as well as returning the file from App #1 to App #2. What I don't know how to code it to also click the button automatically, or if it's possible within quickbase. I've done this sort of thing previously using Jquery and the click() command, is there something similar I can do in this case?

Thank you.

Click a button in another app from button in record
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Alan Lundquist

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Posted 2 years ago

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Hi,  I guess its doable using Quick Base formulas feature.
1st you can create button 1 and write the formula code to create records and then redirect control to your 2nd Button formula code. you 2nd button formula will available here with stored variable $XX.

It is like redirecting control from one URL to another url i.e your 2nd button to generate file.
It would be more clear if you can share the Codes for both buttons here.

Thanks Good luck.

Rahul Gangwar

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You wont be able to do this with only a formula URL -> because the redirecting wont work -> Because you wont have the record ID# of the new record during button click -> because it doesn't exist
(I like my progression arrows)

You can do the first part with a formula URL, but you will need to use a webhook to create the form. 

Button Click -> Creates Record
New Record -> Triggers webhook
Webhook -> uses the server script for your form creation and passes the Record ID# and other details for the form creation.

What "form creation" system are you using?
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Hi Matthew, Thanks for your comments.

If he will use webhook or  can use Dan's great IOL technique and inject Javascript then also also he will be able to achieve the desired result.

I was assuming that if he has relation between two tables.
when we create new record in table1 and then create record in table 2 and the task is to open newly added record in EDIT Mode. In order to open record in edit mode we need the record ID.

so there we can use Summary field and that field will be having the Record ID of latest created Record. I remember we did something like like long back but unable to recall 100 % now .