Compare fields in unrelated tables and if they match set a checkbox to true

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I have a spreadsheet of bounced email addresses which I want to use to sanitise my quickbase data.

I want to compare the contact email field with the emails from my bounced list and then set a flag or checkbox so that these are not used again.

I imported the bounced email spreadsheet into a single field table called bounced, but can't get my head around how to match the tables up to compare the email fields.

I'm sure it must be more simple than I'm making it.
Any ideas?
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Posted 4 years ago

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I suggest the following

Make the Key field of the real email list be the email address.  Then make the bounced email a child of that table based on the bounced email field.  Then do a Summary count of the # of bounced email addresses.  email addresses with 1 or more bounces are bad.

I am making the assumption here that your email list has unique email addresses as you will not be able to make the email address field be the Key unless its Unique across all records.  If you have duplicates, you will need to make a summary report of the email addresses and sort on the count of the # of occurrences to get the dups at the top and then delete them manually.