Comprehensive List of Contacts (Cross App)

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I have a half dozen apps, with each app having a "Contacts" table. I would like to make a comprehensive list of all "Contacts" in one of the existing apps. There is some overlap between the "Contacts" in different apps, and having multiple records of the same app is not a problem.

Any guidance would be appreciated.

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Posted 5 years ago

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I had something similar a while back in that I had multiple contact tables, albeit in the same application.

There are a number of solutions depending on your preference.

The absolute simplest one, and one I started using for some simple things, is a service called zapier. It will cost you about $15 a month, but it will do exactly what you are wanting extremely simply without changing anything in your apps, and it's pretty much foolproof. When you add a record in one table, it will add a record in another automatically (a few minutes delay) .

FWIW, i recommend everybody look at zapier for all kinds of integrations between quickbase and other apps / services.

A native quickbase option is a custom formula URL field that uses the API to create a record when clicked. You would have your users click this button instead of the normal save button. It would then in fact save your current record in the current table, as well as create a new record in the other one. There are a myriad of examples of how to construct these in this forum. The issue here is that natively you can't remove the Save button unless you use Dan's 'image onload' technique.

Another Native quickbase option would be to eliminate the multiple contact tables and only have the one. You would probably add a text field called 'source' to the table. You could include the "Add Contact" button to each of your forms that you would be using, and edit it slightly to fill out the 'source' field with an identifier that labels the form (table) from which this record was created. In that way, you have the ability to filter reports for each table that show only contacts that were created from records in that table.

If this is a route that you are interested in I could probably walk you through it, although I haven't done it cross-application before.

Your third option is scripting via javascript and the aforementioned 'image onload' technique. However, i'm not capable of giving any guidance there as Dan is the expert.