embed a bar graph on on a form with information from that single record. -non relationship

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Say I have a single record in a table from a survey from 41 users in the office. (with more surveys to come) that pulls data from other records. 4 Fields filled in by the admin (me) needs to show a graph in the record of this table showing data from itself and only itself.

From this I found that 20 users like [apples], 6 likes [peaches], 15 liked [oranges] 0 liked [bananas].

sum: display a bar graph with a max of 41 range display 4 bars with apples, oranges, peaches, bananas data from the user input fieldswithin the form that the data was entered. only seen after saving the report.

*note the actual survey is about 4k people and has no relation to food of any kind with more bars I'm asking in this manner so that I can get the idea for it on a smaller scale.
*the actual single record is from a survey master that is pulling metrics from another series of reports and each survey will get its own record in this table. but I have email metrics I need to put as a graph I stored in these user input fields (emails sent, valid emails, # of times the email was opened, ect) and each survey will need information from these graphs.

No table relationship. Not pulling information from multiple records. Data is in 4 [fields] on 1 form, all  4 of which are user input, to be displayed as graph. Close to this https://bost.ocks.org/mike/bar/  not something like high charts those have to much extra stuff in them I do not understand. I know it's a very strange request but the actual survey contents have no data that isn't already pulled and displayed on this record. and each and every time a survey is sent out and all that data is collected at the end these fields get filled in by the admin who sent them per survey group.

literally trying to pull a graph from thin air: [apples], [oranges], [peaches], [bananas] which has no table or relevant information anyplace else except those fields but will be present every time a new survey is created.

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Just to clarify for other follower of this question. See this post here  for more details. https://quickbase-community.intuit.com/questions/1318589-embed-a-bar-graph-on-on-a-form-with-information-from-that-single-record

The question essentially boils down to

I have 4 numeric fields on a single record.  How can I display those 4 numeric values as a bar chart based only on this single record.