Grid Edit instructions video?

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Grid Edit instructions video?
Has anyone seen or created a video for new users about how to use Grid Edit?
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Posted 8 months ago

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Hey Robert, I assume by now you've sorted this out, but it is a good idea for a video.

If I were to make a video, are there aspects of Grid Edit you think would be good for me to touch on?

Thanks for the idea Alex!

I'm thinking about doing some Quick Base Junkie "Quickies" - videos where I demonstrate new features and get right to the point with minimal setup or video editing... this way I can get more of them out quickly.

I'd likely put them on the Quick Base Junkie Blog and YouTube Channel.

What do you think?

I think that's a terrific idea. Me personally, I'm much more likely to watch a 30-60 second "check out this new feature" video than a deep dive.

I think Robert has a good idea too, in focusing some videos on how to take advantage of existing features as opposed to leveraging more advanced techniques (though of course don't stop making those videos). I don't know. There's always the risk of duplicating efforts with Quick Base theirselves - but this particular example is pretty striking the more I think about it. I could see a lot of value added in videos about how to use grid edit both aimed at QB devs and non-tech end users...
perhaps 1-minute videos on each of the new features each month....
I like the way you think!
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Linda Tucker

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Although videos are nice, most of the time all you need to learn about new features is the Release Notes.  You can focus on just what you need to know.  Release notes are accessible in the Community and in help.