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I have a line items report embedded on the Orders table. I have tried to carefully follow the instructions several times and cannot get the link to work. I think I am having a hard time figuring out exactly what fields to enter into the formula. Here is the formula I have so far:

~=qdb.GetURL("_DBID_LINE_ITEMS", "API_GenResultsTable^query={'13'.EX.'"+ field["Record ID#"]+"'}^clist=^^slist=8");~

and here is the error message:

API_GenResultsTable 102 Invalid request - we cannot understand the URL you specified.

Is it possible I have my parent/child tables backwards or something? I would greatly appreciate any help. 

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Posted 4 years ago

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Hi Amanda,

I haven't tried your formula, but one thing that jumped while reading it is that it doesn't seem you are specifying the database. A complete URL in quickbase has to have that field (in bold below, between "/db/" and "?").

I haven't used the exact forms myself, but skimming through the help (, here's one example of a formula:

~=qdb.GetURL("targetdbid", "API_GenResultsTable^query={'12'.EX.'"+ field["Source Field"]+"'}^^slist=15^ts=" + new Date.getTime());~

Following the example above, you would type "bi79g2v39" instead of "targetdbid".

I'm sure fixing that will get you closer to what you need. For further info, could you please post a link to the instructions you are following, and possibly a copy of your exact form?


P.S. Like I said, I haven't used exact forms myself, but one thing that my experience in Javascript makes me suspicious of, is the lack of ampersands between the different URL fields. Even the example in the help uses the caret "^", but I'm just used to see e.g. "...API_GenResultsTable&query...". Just brainstorming here, but that could also be another problem for you, if the formula never adds the ampersands when it is calculated.