I'm wondering if it's possible to have a field automatically populated based on a specific value, and if that value is not met, allow it to be editable?

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I need "Field X" to be auto populated if you are User Y (standard user), but editable if you are User Z (admin user), basically. I'm not sure if this is possible though.

I asked a similar question here and have adapted some of this for my current app: https://quickbase-community.intuit.com/questions/1305798-is-it-possible-to-automatically-populate-a-...

I have had problems with the auto-populated field because "Field X" needs to be locked down so that "User Y" can't see it or edit it, but allow it to be editable by "User Z", the admins.

For doing a bulk upload via a spreadsheet, the way I have it set right now is linked to the user's email address and who has uploaded the record.. that works for all the "User Y" users as it auto populates the field with the company they work for... but I would like to enable the admins the ability to edit this particular field so it's not auto-populated for them as they may need to perform a bulk upload on behalf of "User Y" and I want them to be able to populate "Field X" with the correct value.

Currently, if I change the formula that auto populates this field, it changes the value for "Field X" for every record that was added by that particular user - which is not what I want.

Hopefully that makes sense.

EDIT: Actually, I think I may have gotten this after looking at another answer referring to a field override.

I've used the below to accommodate this by making [Company Override] and making it only visible to admins, which allows an admin to make a free text change to that field which will pop into the formula field if their name/email address isn't in the below list.

If ([User who uploaded]=ToUser("blah1@blah.com"), "Company 1",

If ([User who uploaded]=ToUser("blah2@blah.com"), "Company 2",

If ([User who uploaded]=ToUser("blah3@blah.com"), "Company 3", [Company Override])))

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Posted 3 years ago

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Hi Gavin,

Thank you for reaching out to the community! It appears that you have already figured this out. If you have any further questions in the future feel free to either post to the community again or create a support case. To create a support case click the "Help" icon in the upper right > Manage Support Cases > New Support Case.

James Travaglini
QuickBase Support