Is the require field bug resolved or is this a feature which is unavoidable?

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So I've been having issues with the required field options with Forms.

  • Initially the fields on the forms were not to be required by default and were made default using form rules. This did not work in some cases due to an unknown QuickBase bug. The users were able to submit the form although the fields were asked to be required using the form rules
  • To avoid this, I went ahead and made the fields required when declaring them in the field settings to ensure the fields were required by default. But then I was trying to override this using form rules as some options declared by default as required could be skipped by the user. The form rules didn't over ride the field settings - this I think is a QuickBase default setting. I would like someone to confirm my thought
  • Third - I'm building two forms of the same table and i've assigned some fields to be required. Now the two forms essentially have different fields in them and need not contain all the required fields. The problem is that I can't submit the either of the forms as they are missing the required fields. But i'd want to use two different forms with different required fields ensuring that the form rules apply correctly.

Could anyone shed some light on the points i've listed above. If further clarification is required, I will provide it

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Posted 4 years ago

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I have not experiences form rules failing to make fields required.  I suggest hat you get that working.  The only time that form rules should fail to fire is that when the form rule requires recalculation of a field which is not on the form.  In hose cases, I will put that field either in a section called Admin Only and visible only to Admin, or else in a section called Required for form rules, and I can a dummy form rule to always hide that section.

If you feel that there is a bug in Form Rules, then you need to put in a support ticket to QuickBase or else contact a developer like myself off line to have a look at if its a bug or your configuration which is the problem.
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Ok there are actually 3 easy ways to make fields required.

1. in field settings - this makes it required irrespective of any other settings
2. in form properties - you can make a field required for data entry on that form only
3. using form rules following a condition you can make fields required

Chose the most appropriate for your use case and try to stick to one method for requiring your fields to avoid you creating any conflicts.
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My name is Lovell and I am with QuickBase Care. You should submit a support case so we can dig into this a bit more. Please log into QuickBase and hit HELP, then manage support cases to to submit a new case.



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