Parsing a returned API_DoQuery withing html page.

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I get and xml object back, but can't parse it etc........The GetElementByID doesn't think it's an XML file. I tried using the .responsexml also. It has the values I'm looking for, but parsing doesn't work.

<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">
function GetData() { alert("Getdata"); var xmlHttp = null; var qdbURL; qdbURL = "{6.EX.'"; qdbURL += document.getElementById('username').value; qdbURL += "'};"; alert(qdbURL); xmlHttp = new XMLHttpRequest();"GET", qdbURL, false); xmlHttp.send(); var xmlDoc = xmlHttp.response; alert(xmlDoc); alert(xmlDoc.getElementsByTagName("update_id").value); alert("done!"); }</script>
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Posted 6 years ago

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I would suggest using the QuickBase Javascript SDK

Or better yet jQuery to do this.

The QuickBase SDK has methods for parsing the returned XML response.

With jQuery it is very simple:

Lets say you want to loop over the records that were returned:

$.each($("records", xmlDoc), function(){
var fid3 = $("f[id=3]", this).text();

With jQuery you would use $.ajax for the XML request. jQuery handles the best method for getting the data. There are also additional parameters that can be set to prevent caching and asynchronous calls.