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The Hide Map feature for the Address Field is great but is it possible to create a Formula Url button to toggle this feature.

I would like to load addresses quickly without map but have a handy button that that shows the map if required. 


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Posted 4 years ago

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Hi Mick,

I don't believe there's a way to create a Formula URL button to accomplish what you're looking for.  However, if you are in a Premier or higher plan you may be able to do this with Form Rules.

Here's what I am thinking:

1.  Create two new fields: Copy of your Address field and a Checkbox field

2.  Put the Checkbox field on the same line as your Address field and then add your Copy of Address field next to that

3.  Edit the form properties for your Copy of Address field so that it has an alternate label of: "Address."  Also have this field hide the map while your original Address field shows the map

4.  Create two form rules:

  a.)  When 

               Checkbox is not equal to checked


                  Change [Copy of Address] to the Value in [Address]

   b.) When

               Checkbox is equal to checked


                    Hide [Copy of Address]

I've attached rule #1.

With this setup, you can use your checkbox field as the trigger to toggle the field that shows the map and the field that hides the map.

Hope this helps!  Give this a try and let me know how it goes.
Hi Brendan, thanks I was aware of this option.  Just got over excited with the Hide Map feature since the new upgrade on Sunday :)