Trigger a conditional group of actions based on a specific field of a created record. Getting around the 10 action/table limit.

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This is a bit of a complex use case, so I'll try to break it down in a clear way: 

I have a table, projects, which is the parent table to jobs. When a project is created, it can have one of about a dozen categories, currently selected with a simple multiple-choice field. 

When a project is created and a category selected, I want the system to create a few related jobs in the jobs table with titles coming from a set list of possible titles. I have so far been achieving this using simple quickbase actions, one for each job I need to create. 

Here is the problem: I need the jobs created to be different based on the category selected. So for example, every time a user creates a project with the alphabet category, I would want the system to create 2 related jobs, titled alpha and beta. But when the user creates a project with the beta category, I would want the system to create a only single job titled beta. 

Right now, each project-job pairing seems like it needs to be an individual quickbase action. But with a dozen categories and over twice that many job titles, this would be a painful task even if quickbase did not limit you to only 10 actions/table. 

Is there maybe some way I could do this with webhooks? If possible, is there a way to automate the process so that I can easily manage the list of job titles under each category? I'll take what I can get at this point, but that would make things easier for the end users. 
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Posted 1 year ago

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Alex, you will want to look at using the API_Importfromcsv api and a webhook.  You will need to create a formula text field that generates the csv data that will be entered as a parameter for that API. 
I think that there is a no code solution using the new Automations.

They can run a saved import.

Set up a table with only 1 record in it. Call it Focus Project.
Relate it to all Standard Job Titles with a formula numeric formula field of 1.

In the Automation have the first step to be to edit that Focus Project Record to Record the Project Record ID and the Job Category.

Because of the relationship, now all of the Standard job titles know that information too.

Set up a saved table to table import to import the job titles which match the correct project category and set of the import to map the related project to have the value of the field in the focus project record.

I know that I have not explained exactly every step here but I’m quite sure that it can be done natively in the magic will be to use the first step of the automation to record the information you need from the Project record that was just modified and flow that information to the standard job titles so they know where to be imported into when the Automation runs the saved table to table import.
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Thank you. I'll try out this solution, see if it works for me. 

Follow up: This solution worked perfectly for me. Thanks again for all the help.