Why won't it let me enter more than 100 choice in a multi-text field?

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I have 5 separate tables and one of them will now not let me exceed over 100 choices on the multi-text field. HOWEVER, I have over 300 choices. It won't let me add one more. I'm really frustrated and confused to why this won't let me add on. Again, my other tables let me just fine. Thanks!
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Posted 1 year ago

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Consider allowing the multiple choices to come from records in a parent table. Then you can have a dialog box of the choices that allows a search. Much more efficient and in alignment with Relational database theory.

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Can you explain how to do this?  I have a multi-select field for "Job Title" as many clients have multiple titles.  I need to have more than 100 total possible titles and each client to be able to have multiple choices.  The field "Job Title" is in my Contacts Table.  Let me know if you need more info as I am still a bit of a newbie.
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For out of the box Quick Base with no tricks and third party programming, I recommend ( from the info provided so far ) that you create three tables like so::

"Job Titles" == Job title with description of job.

"Clients" == Names and other pertinent information.

"Details" == Brings the two above together in a many-to-many relationship.

I'll explain below how the relationships are set up:

"Job Titles" >> has many >> "Details"

"Clients" >> has many >> "Details"

This relational arrangement makes a many-to-many relationship between the "Job Titles" table, and the "Clients" table by way of the "Details" table.

You'd treat both the Job Titles table and the Clients table as the master data tables or support tables for Details.

AS you gain new Clients, enter them in the Clients table.

AS you gain new Job Titles, enter those in the Job Titles table.

You'd create your records in the Details table. The Details table is your main activity table.

In the form where the Details table records are created, you'd pull in a Job Title from a select list, and you'd pull in a Client Name from a select list too. When those two main parent elements are selected in your Details record, related lookup information from those two parent relations will also be pulled into your Details record.

With this relational arrangement, you can have thousands of different combinations of Job Titles to Clients.

Let us know if you have any other questions. Everyone here is a mega user of Quick Base.