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I have a website running and now I want to store part of the user data entered by the user into Quickbase.   So the connections looks somewhat like this

User Browser <-> Server <-> Quickbase

I know that to able to use the api it need to be authenticated.  So questions are.

1. So "Server" is the person who do authenticate. Does that mean multiple website user will be able to talk with Quickbase through Server at the same time?

2. Can I just use token ( no need to authenticate ) to be able to update/delete/insert records in Quickbase from the Server ?  ( The connection between server - quickbase should be secure enough i guess as there is no user in the middle )

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Posted 3 years ago

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Hi Chandrajeet,

1. Technically QuickBase handles one API request at a time, just as we do with people logged into the website directly. These requests are handled very quickly, however, so if several users are submitting information via your website it will seem as if they are all communicating with QuickBase simultaneously.

2. Yes, if you run the API_Authenticate call within your web browser, you can insert the ticket value it returns into your script. When you do, you are correct that you would not need to authenticate in the script itself. For security reasons, that ticket expires after the # of hours you specify when you generate the ticket. Therefore you would need to generate a new ticket by running API_Authenticate in your browser once that ticket expires. For more information about the API_Authenticate call, please see: