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what are the steps to create add on for interactive map. example: user clicks on map report. instead of map report user sees embedded interactive map creator.

or another example:
user needs to geocode addresses. user pushes the data for geocoding and then gets access to interactive map creator inside quickbase.

can you post the steps with documentation url? 

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Posted 2 months ago

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There is an app to download for Quick Base from the Apple App Store and also Google play.

That app can access the geolocation of the phone.

Currently it will only populate the closest address field but soon it is expected to also be able to capture the lat longs too. .

I suggest you explore the functionality of the Mobile app
Another option inside Quick Base is to built out a custom DB page and integrate it with the Google Maps API. Google has several different layers in its API, specifically here you can geocode addresses to store their Lat/Long, and then display a map and plot those points onto it. Because its a custom page - you can also add on more interactive features that you code into it, like displaying specific data in pop ups or on the map, making it filterable, coloring pins etc. 

Here is a more refined description of the above: Goole Maps & Quick Base

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