Bi-directional weigh conversion, Kg to Lbs, and visa versa

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I have a client that wants us to enhance their data entry form, which among other data collects a patients weight, so that if the weight is entered as Kg's in one field, a separate field right next to that one will auto-populate with the weight in lbs. They also want the reverse to happen, if lbs is entered then Kg's will auto-populate.

Too me, it sounds like I might need to create a bunch of weight formula fields and have form rules determine which ones show when. Has anyone done this, or can anyone think of an easier way?  Need some guidance.  

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Posted 2 years ago

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You will have 3 fields.  All can show at all times.

1- [Enter Amount]
2- [Weight UOM]  - Multiople choice of either "KG" or "LBS"
3- [Alternative Amount] - Formula text that will evaluate what UOM you selected and show the opposite.

Of course you will have to have the math work both ways.  A case formula should do it;

Case([Weight UOM],
"kg", (math to convert kg to lbs) &" lbs",
"lbs", (math to convert lbs to kg) &" kg", 
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It worked!  Thank you!
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This is simple to do using the IOL technique. This is how I calculate the distance between Earth and Planet Claire - just enter a siriometer or parsec number and blur the field:

Siriometers & Parsecs Auto Conversion

The siriometer is a rarely used astronomical measure equal to one million astronomical units, i.e., one million times the average distance between the Sun and Earth. This distance is equal to about 15.8 light-years, 149.6 Pm or 4.8 parsecs, and is about twice the distance from Earth to the star Sirius.

Google: convert Siriometer to Parsecs

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