Can I create a button that pulls up an associated form from another table? Like "View Attached Billing"?

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Hello. I have a table called Projects. This is where we create our Job of "Project" tickets. Each ticket we create generates a unique 6 digit project number. Within the job ticket we currently have a button "Add Billing". Clicking this opens a new form in our Billing table where techs fill out billable time, parts etc. The billing form will have the same job number so it ties back to the job ticket. How can I create a button "View Attached Billing" so anyone can go back into the ticket, click this button and have it pull/open the completed billing form that was previously filled out, instead of creating a new record like the "Add Billing" button does?

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Posted 3 years ago

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The low tech solution is to simply use the Report Link field which was created automatically for you on the left side of the relationship and put it on your Jobs form.  You can leave it as a link, in which case it will use the default columns and the default sort for the Billings table, or you can use the Form Properties to tell the form to display the children directly on the Project record as an embedded child table.  If you choose to do that, you can make a report with no filters and tell the form to use that report to show any report you like and have full control over the columns and sort and even the type of report (Summary, Chart etc).