Can I create an If Statement in Formula that can execute multiple actions within? Or just write several If Statements in one Formula?

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For example;

If(This conditions,Do this,Then do this,and this)


if(This Condition, Do this),

if(Same Condition^, Do this different thing),

if(Same Condition^, Do one more different thing)

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Posted 4 years ago

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Well yes, but kee in mind you are not dong "
actions but in fact calculating a result, like a cell in Excel,

so its like


This conditions,calculate this,

This other Condition, calculate that other result,

yet another condition,  calculate this different thing,

yet another other condition, calculateone more different thing)

If you actually wanted to Do actions, like editing or creating records, then that is really a different question, but that is possible too.
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Hi Mark,

 Thanks for your comments, We got up somewhere in mid of the above mentioned requirement. Could you please advice your valuable input. below is the requirements.

I have a field called total Budget for each item in parent table along with start date and End date. While click on saving the parent record I need to create a child record dynamic.

if Suppose a parent is created with start date as 10/1 and end date as 12/1 and the Total budget is 15000, then i need to create three child record for each month with value as 5000.

the date is dynamic. Also the child record they can edit later if required.  It looks we can't able to execute for loop to build the query.
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