Can QuickBase give us any/all filtering for user permissions?

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This has been something that has been sitting in the user voice page for 5 years:

It would be extremely helpful.  Right now the only way to really "all/any" filter permissions are through complex formula fields, which are huge time sucks to write and test.

All/Any filtering like we have for reports and form rules shouldn't be too hard to implement, right?  And adding layered rules (all of X true and any of Y true) would be a super bonus.

I'd appreciate any insight, or at least to hear any potential concerns that might come with adding this feature.

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Posted 2 years ago

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You can usually take a combination of all those options to filter the information.  

Usually if you work that 'logic' into a formula-checkbox, you can then use that checkbox for the role permissions.

p.s. QB has completely abandoned "user voice"
I have contacts at QuickBase and will ask them to locate someone to comment on this thread as to if User Voice is being used internally at Quick Base.

I will say that they have multiple channels to listen to feedback and to my knowledge User Voice is still one of them.  To their credit, the pace of updates has been faster lately in terms of # of new features delivered and bugs fixed, and while there may have been a hiatus for a time where it was unclear if the Mercury interface would be replacing Quick Base, that has now been made crystal clear, that it is not and hence Quick Base as we know it is here to stay, they are focused among other things at "Improving the life of daily users and developers", which does mean to address many of the small things that bug us each and every day.

But I do agree if they are not updating user voice as to completed or planned items, then that is concerning.

On the very particular issue from this post (which I know is not the main issue here in this discussion), if I was a Product Manager at Quick Base with a wish list a mile long and substantially increased but still not unlimited resources, I would not rate that very high to allow complex rules in Role Permissions, since the easy work a round is to just to set up a formula field have have all the complexity you can write.
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Yes, I totally agree with all of your comments. I have been very pleased with recent released, and I'm hoping they keep up their momentum. And, no, I would not vote for this particular issue, as it's too esoteric and the current mechanisms are working quite well for getting around it. It's the bigger issue of communication and feedback loops within the structures they have provided us. Thanks Mark!
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I appreciate the feedback on this issue, and especially insight into User Voice, but as someone who is VERY good with formulas, I have to disagree with the analysis that it's an "easy work around to set up a formula field."  Any/All filtering would take me 5-20 minutes, while trying to translate that into checkboxes is taking me hours.  

One of the reasons we chose QuickBase is how quickly we can make required updates, but it's just not the case for this issue.  Plus, the QuickBase rep that sold it to us emphasized how easy it was to customize roles; months later, now that our growing company is really in need of quick role customization, it's quite frustrating.

I will say that I really do appreciate the updates QuickBase is making, and have generally been very useful, and their Tech Support is top notch.
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On top of this, the checkbox field method is a little glitchy: one of our reps created two identical records.  The first kicked him out because he "didn't have access", the second was fine.  I triple checked everything, there is no reason that it should not have worked.  Frustrating for me, even worse for a sales rep who relies on QB when he's on the road.

TL;DR:  Work arounds are never simple.
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UserVoice is a valuable tool we do often use to measure how common a given product problem really is. I have spoken to a member of the Product Development team and this issue is on their radar.  The belief is we need to reduce the need for formulas to be built often. Such as with permissions formulas, these formulas often bridge a feature gap. The PD team uses UserVoice to evaluate features and enhancements that are worked on and will continue to do so.
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Official Response

I’m happy to announce that in our release yesterday, we added the ability for you to set up permissions using complex filters (including an “ANY” option)! Please see the release notes for more info:

We also added this ability for defining additional criteria for summary fields, and when setting up table-to-table imports.

Product Manager, Quick Base