Can you use the switch function, to switch between different roles?

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I would like to allow the product managers in the retail sector to be able to switch between eachothers roles so that they can see eachother products and sales.

Currently they all have their own role, which allows them to only see their products, but if they need to I would like them to be able to switch and pick a different product manager and see their products and sales.

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Posted 4 years ago

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Using your current structure, the only way to do that is to raise their Permission level to one with "Basic Acess and Sharing".

The other approach would be to have a setup where authorized users chooses a Focus Product Manager and can switch at will.  That second approach is quite doable but the steps to do that may be beyond what can be explained in this forum depending in your familiarity with QuickBase.  Basically the concept would be to have a list of Product Managers and have the user push a URL formula button which would store that selection in a table where the Key field is Userid.  Then that would be looked up down to the detail records and the Permission would be set to limit where the Product Manager = The Focus Product Manager.  The reference side of the details table would be a formula field called [Current User] with a formula of User().