Collapsed Timeline report shows a bar for each set of Tasks. Need that same info (duration of the set of Tasks) on a Calendar report.

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Collapsed Timeline report shows a bar for each set of Tasks. I want to see that same information (the full duration of the set of Tasks) on a Calendar report. I know I can use Min Max summary fields to pull the Start Date and Projected End Date of each set of Tasks up to the Project level, so I can get the Start Date and End Dates I need, however I would end up with 7 sets of Start and End Dates. The Calendar report is only set up to work with one Start and End Date. What would be the best way to pull a Calendar that shows the same info that I see when I'm looking at a collapsed Timeline? Also, would like to color code each Task Set bar in the Calendar and would be cool to also see Milestones on the Calendar. Looks like there is not an option to collapse the Tasks in a Calendar report.

Here's a visual of a collapsed Timeline:

Here's a visual of the Calendar for the same Project. I've got it set to show only 1 Task per day, so I can sort of see a similar visual, however, it is misleading because so much of the info is buried in the records that don't show. For example, I'd like the Calendar to show visually that Kick Off and Creative task sets can begin on the same day that Bidding ends and that info is buried.

Also, ideally I need this calendar report to be miniature and embedded on a form (as opposed to the regular sized calendar report that you see when you embed it on a form).

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Posted 1 month ago

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OK, so I saw this as an interesting challenge.  To demonstrate it more clearly I built an application that I have opened to everyone on the internet.

What this application/structure does is to take each Task Group (Bidding, Kick Off, Creative etc.) and build a calendar around those specific groups for each Project.

Table 1: Projects (key field can be Record ID# or whatever you already have it as)
Table 2: Task Groups (key field should ideally be the [Task Group] name)
Table 3: Tasks (these are the individual Tasks that are associated to a Project - each must have a Task ID# for sorting/organization purposes)
Table 4: Task Calendar (this is the new table)

Custom Key Fields (for 2 tables):
Task Groups [Task Group Name]
Task Calendar [Key]


Projects < Task
Task Groups < Tasks
Task Groups < Task Calendars
Task Calendar < Tasks

Relationship Summary Fields:
[Start Date] - Summarize min [Start Date]
[End Date] - Summarize min [End Date]

Projects Table Custom Fields:
[Task Calendar] 
Report Link field
   [Record ID#] is equal to Task Calendar table [Related Project]

Tasks Table Custom Fields:

[Task Calendar Calc]
    [Related Project]&"-"&[Task Group Name]

[Report Link for QBActions]
  Create a report link field looking for the [Record ID#] of the Tasks Table and in the same application find the Tasks-table [Record ID#]


Relationship Lookup Fields:
Task Calendar [Valid] into Tasks as [Valid Task Calendar]

Form Rules
In Tasks, when [Related Project] is not blank and [Group Name] is not blank,
change [Related Task Calendar] to the value [Task Calendar Calc]

QuickBase Action #1 - When a [Task] is added or modified; then create a record in the [Task Calendar] table and populate the [Key] with the value [Task Calendar Calc] field value.  Populate the [Related Project] with [Related Project].  Populate the [Task Group Name] with the [Task Group Name]

QuickBase Action #2 - When a [Task] is added or modified; then update related records ([Report Link for QB Actions)] and populate [Related Task Calendar] with [Related Task Calendar Calc]

Calendar Report:
Build a calendar-type report in your Task Calendar table using the [Start Date] and [End Date] values.

Colorize the data based on the [Task Group Name] values so that the same Task Groups are colored the same for different Projects.

Use the Projects-table [Task Calendar] report link field to display a calendar report inside the Project form.


I labelled the Group Names with a numeric-prefix for sorting/organizing - but you could use a separate field in that table and use lookup-fields to achieve the same thing (they would look much nicer that way).

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This sounds very promising. I'm looking at your app now. Thanks so much for this!