Displaying a small image of an attachment.

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I have a File Attachment field named Picture 1 which is used to attach pictures of the equipment being serviced. 

Right next to the attachment field, I want to display a small image of the picture.  This works OK, except if when a revised image is added to the Picture 1 field, the formula field be still shows the original picture.  I thought the v0 parameter would make sure to show the current version of the attachment.

Formula field that displays a small image of the attachment field:
If([Picture 1]>"","<img src=" & URLRoot() & "up/" & Dbid () & "/a/r" 
& [Record ID#] & "/e183/v0\" height='200';>","")
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Posted 8 months ago

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This has to do with your computer cacheing images to improve performance in loading web pages, , but I don’t recall offhand where that obscure setting is, and it would depend on your browser. You will need to google like chrome image cacheing disable
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I created a formula URL but instead of showing the thumbnail picture, it show the link code...

http://<img src=https://fixandpaint.quickbase.com/up/bkkhbuvmj/a/r76/e36/v0" height='200';>

The actual formula is:

If([Picture]>"","<img src=" & URLRoot() & "up/" & Dbid () & "/a/r" 
& [Record ID#] & "/e36/v0\" height='200';>","")

where the image field name is Picture and the fid is 36.

Can you help with what I am doing wrong?
Try changing the field to a formula Rich Text type if it is still a formula text field type.
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Thanks for the suggestion, the field was a formula url referencng an attachment field... I changed to be a formula Rich Text but it does not show the attachment as a thumbnail.

The attachment field has the "Show .jpg, .png and .gif files as images in forms"  checked.

Any other thoughts??? 
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Got it... I removed the "If([Picture]" and it is working perfectly... thanks for the rich text suggestion.  For reference for others that might stumble upon this... the final definition that works is:

Have your file attachment field.
create a new formula Rich Text field.
define the formula for new field:

"<a href=\""  & URLRoot() & "/up/"& Dbid () & "/a/r"& 
[Record ID#] &"/e36/v0\" /> "&
 "<img src=\""  & URLRoot() & "/up/"& Dbid () &"/a/r"& 
[Record ID#] &"/e36/v0\" height=\"200\"alt='' />" & "</a>"

Where the 36 in e36 is the fid of the file attachment field.
Your solution is working but only if there is an image. If there is no image then rather than displaying a nice clean blank space it will have sort of a broken picture image.

The solution is to reinstate your IF

But like this

IF(totext([file attachment field])<>"",

Then everything else

Then close the )
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Thanks, that worked great.