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Does anyone know how to make a conditional dropdown for a record picker within a Grid Edit on a form, or found a workaround to do so?

It's my understanding that while record picker reports can be customized, even for the Grid Edit in a form, they cannot be made conditional i.e. reactive to the current record I'm creating in the form. I have spoken to several different Customer Support agents but none yet have had a solution to this issue beyond a custom form page. 

Here's the details of the issue I'm having:

I have a table Jobs. Each Job has many different Phases. Each Job also has many Documents associated with it. When creating new documents, I would like to be able to select a variable number of Phases that are associated with the Job the Document is related to. Because I need to be able to have multiple Phases, I can't use a regular conditional dropdown. 

Instead, I use a Grid Edit box. However, the record picker in the grid edit selects all Phases from all Jobs, and I can't make it conditional to only show those Phases that are related to the Job I'm creating a Document for. 

Anyone have any ideas how to get around this?

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Sam C

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Posted 4 years ago

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I  have a native solution for you, but its to complicated to try to post the steps on this forum.  Basically a user would click on a URL formula button on a job - (it could be a special edit button, which would also put the job record into edit mode for grid edit) and the button would record in a separate table of Users, the current user's "Focus Job".  That would in essence "light up" that Job via a relationship back to the jobs table and that light would then shine down on the child Phases for that Job.

Then the drop down list for the Grid Edit Phases would only be phases which are lit up.  ie "In Focus" the Job.  ie the Job has those Phases  as Children.  (I'm not quite understanding yet how you are using Grid Edit as you cannot attach documents in Grid Edit, but we could sort that out when i see your app).

Contact me via the information in my profile for assistance in setting this up for you.
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Sam C

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I do appreciate your answer, it's an interesting solution. Unfortunately however, I think it just confirms my suspicion that there isn't an easy way around this problem. Sadly, easy is one of  the specifications I was given for developing this app, so I don't believe I'll be able to use your workaround regardless.

Thanks for trying to help out here.
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Daniel A

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Hello Sam,

So Conditional Drop-downs was designed specifically for the record form and was never intended to work for a Grid edit. So while a custom form or a Grid edit override based on a specific report from the report record picker is a partial option, it will not be able to work based on a conditional configuration.

That will only be available on the form itself. I recommend a User Voice submission for a future feature option release.

You can access User Voice from your "My Apps" page, and then clicking the orange feedback button from the left hand side of the screen.  You can also access User Voice by clicking the following link:

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