Has the GridEdit Copy/Paste issue for FireFox/Chrome/Opera been resolved yet?

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So I've seen multiple questions regarding this but no one seems to have a solution yet. We're required to copy large amounts of data from GridEdit and also paste large amounts of data which works just fine in IE but no other browsers. I've combed the web and it seems everyone (FF, Chrome, etc) is disabling this functionality for security reasons.

I realize what I need could be accomplished by using save to spreadsheet and the import function but that seems like a hassle for something that should be so straightforward. As for why we don't create a method to pull the data we need directly into QB, it's in a SQL DB and our admins won't let us.  

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Posted 4 years ago

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As this is a browser issue, it is not an issue that we are able to resolve. You can continue to do the copy/paste through IE or, if you don't want to use IE, you can import into the other browsers.


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Using firefox 39.0 I get I get an extra option to "Paste Special" which allows content to be pasted into Grid Edit.  I do no have a similar option in Chrome, but Firefox should work in these scenarios
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Except for Opera these browsers which are having this problem are described as Quickbase compatible  browsers so saying that this is a browser issue is not a valid response.  


And I'm seeing this problem with IE9 too.

It is frustrating that this problem does not seem to be being addressed.  Even just a little information why its seen as a browser issue would be helpful.