How can I configure email notifications to allow the recipient of the notification to reply to a list of email addresses?

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One of our QB notifications includes a "travel quote request" that is sent to a list of travel agents. I need to be able to configure the notification email so that the travel agents can reply to the notification email and have their reply sent to a list of email addresses that I specify.

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Posted 4 years ago

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I will answer as a comment. It's sort of not currently possible. But it is.

What I did for a client was to set up an email distribution list address as my client had that ability in their Corporate mail system.  I registered it as a QuickBase userid. Then the mail Notification went to external Vendors and like you are wanting to do, the Vendor just does a Reply to the email.
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Coach - could i get an example of this? I would want specific notifications to go to specific distro lists... I guess i would need to create all of those prior to setting up notifications? how does the email originate from a specific QBuser/email distro list?
There are four different situations which come to mind.

1. You want automated subscriptions to to outside recipients.  Since Subscriptions can only go to users , you would need to set up a distribution list on your own email system and register it as a user.

2. The "FROM" for that automated Subscription and hence the Reply to, can be a user in your app if you have registered  your email domain with QuickBase Support.

3. For email notifications, they can go to any user or non users.  The recipients can also be listed in email fields in your app.  So each respective email that goes out from a Notification can go to different email addresses.

4. The FROM and hence the Reply to on those can be from a specific user in your domain or of course form
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I think I'm going to have to configure each travel request record to include a "submit" button that A) saves the record and B) executes a URL page that has Java code to generate a notification email which automatically gets sent from multiple email addresses, so that when the recipient clicks "reply all" in their notification email, their reply will go to the appropriate email addresses.

We currently have a web page that includes a travel request form that, when submitted, generates an email to all of our travel agents along with a "travel requests" email group here at the company. When the travel agent replies all, the reply goes to the email address that created the request and the "travel requests" email group. This is the key downfall of the QuickBase notification: it does not support the "reply all" to multiple email addresses. Perhaps there is enough of a support base to have this feature added to the QuickBase notification?

In the mean time, I need some help developing the "submit" button that automatically saves the record in addition to executing the URL that generates the notification email.

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Hi Evan,

You are on the right track with creating the distro list and having it set up as a QuickBase User. You would then go to the "Advanced Options" for the notification and change the from address to the distro list. This will allow the recipient to reply to the distro list from the notification.


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Hello Evan!

In the detailed comments you say, "In the mean time, I need some help developing the "submit" button that automatically saves the record in addition to executing the URL that generates the notification email. "

I can help you with that!

First, we'll be snatching a snippet of code from haversineconsulting credits go to dandiebolt, and modifying it slightly.  We'll take his code and modify it to the following... (Don't forget to credit dandiebolt!)

< a class='Vibrant Success' {try{}catch(exception){}};' href='YOUR QUICKBASE JAVASCRIPT PAGE' target='_blank'>Save...< /a>

(Remove the spaces before a and /a!).  For a different color button, you can change the class from Vibrant Success to one any of the following: Vibrant Success (Green), Vibrant Primary (Blue), Vibrant Danger (Red), Vibrant Alert (Orange).

This will save your record, then point you to your javascript page where you can set up an email notification to a list of clients.  You can query QB API for a list of emails, or have a pre-defined list.  

One thing to note, is you will have to have a setTimeout or any other sleep function you choose for about half a second before any code executes on your javascript page or else the email will send at the same time as your save.  (I assume you would like the record to be saved THEN send an email.)

Here's a reference on how to set up an email .js page:  If that link doesn't do it for you, a quick google search should work.

Anyway, it is a little bit of a duct-tape method, but it does get the job done.