How do I create a form that has some pre populated information from another table and allow a non-user to answer questions on that form?

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I want to send a form to a non user and have them confirm/validate certain information that I have recorded in another table. This information would be pre-populated on the form, from the other table for view only. Then, have that user answer additional questions and submit.
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Posted 4 months ago

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I have typically used a non-user in the 'viewer' role access only, for obvious reasons. What you are trying to do can be done, provided you have to control all other tables and fields for viewing access only to these non-users. And, in the future, if you wish to share the app with another non-user or a group of non-users, you are limited to going with what you have already done on this non-user role - meaning they will also have option to edit what you want this non-user to edit.

1. Connect the tables - meaning connect one field from the existing field as the reference field to this new table and pull all other necessary fields as 'look-up' field for viewing only purpose
 2. Create new fields in this table that needs to be edited by the non-user
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Sorry for the delayed response.

I'm looking to create some kind of questionnaire where I provide information and request the respondent to confirm that the information has not changed.  Or, if it has changed, to provide the new information.  

1.  Some method for identifying a record to be reviewed
2.  Generate the questionnaire where certain information is pre-populated for review 
i.e.  Vendor Name, Vendor product/service, vendor address (These fields are already on another form/table)
3.  Deliver questionnaire to non-QB user to be completed
4.  Receive completed questionnaire back from non-QB user (via QB and/or Outlook)

ABC Vendor maintains your company copy machines.  Has anything about the product or service that this vendor provides changed since our last review?

ABC Vendor address is 123 Smith Street, Jacksonville, FL 32204  
Is this address still correct?  If not, provide the new address.

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Were you able to create this?  I am looking to do something similar

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This might be something that is limited by account type or your user permissions, but you can send a copy of a record to an email address of a non-user by creating an automation and selecting "Open: Emails sent openly to anyone" option if it's there. You can display only the fields you want, and include a link back to a form to update the information if necessary.

Since you'd have to open up the permissions to allow for anyone with the link to edit the record, it'd probably be best if the link was an add record button for a second temporary table with add permissions, then when saved another automation could copy the data to the proper master table record to update the record (and probably delete the temporary table data).

To fire the initial automation, a "last updated" date field could be added to the person's record, so you could see when the last time they were asked to verify the information. When you want to verify it again, change the date to the current day and have that trigger the automation. You could probably even send off verification emails to many people at once by changing the "last updated" field on many records at once. But you may run into limits of how many automations can go all at once.