How do I fill a dropdown box based on a report, which I need to filter dynamically based on the value in another field?

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I have two tables - Partition Schemes and Partitions. A Partition Scheme can have many Partitions and I've got that table relationship setup and working.

Each Partition record has a name, a type ( which is one of 3 set values ), and some other information.

Now, certain Partition records need to relate to other Partition records that belong to the same Partition Scheme record - but, only if those Partition records of a certain type.

So I create a Partition Scheme ( Let's call it 'Test Scheme' ), save it, and start adding Partition records to it.

I create one Partition record for the 'Test Scheme' and set its name to 'Root' and its type to 'VolumeGroup' and save it.  

Then I create another Partition record, choose the 'Test Scheme' and set it's type to 'LogicalVolume'.  Now here's where I run into trouble -

I want to have another field called 'VolumeGroupName', that is a dropdown box that is filled with the name of any Partition records that belong to the same Partition Scheme and that have a type of 'VolumeGroup'.

I was able to relate the Partition table to itself and get the dropdown to list all records, but I couldn't figure out how to dynamically filter the values based off the type and the Partition Scheme.

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Posted 3 years ago

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No problem (probably)

Try this.

Make a concatenated text formula field consisting of the [Related Partition] and the [VolumeGroup].  Call it [Related Partition & VolumeName]

List("-", [Related Partition],  [VolumeGroup])

Then on the field for [Related Partition] on the relationship to the same table, set that field to be conditional where a selection in the field [Related Partition & VolumeName] match the field of the same name.  There is a checkbox on the Related Partition field to make the choices conditional.

Let me know how that goes.