How does QuickBase operate in terms of bandwidth? when does it back-up the database—can we adjust that back-up time? does it constantly back-up?

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I have already made a copy of my application as a backup. But can QUICKBASE support restore my app if something goes wrong?
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Posted 3 years ago

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You would have to contact QuickBase support to get all the details of their backups, but they save a backup copy of all apps each day for X number of days.  Not sure what X is but it's something like every night for 7 or maybe 14 days,  then they save backups once a week going backward and then going back further, maybe once a month.

If you have a crisis they can provide a CSV f to reload your data into the table that was damaged.   and maybe a whole app.  Not sure about restoring a whole app.

I have just made this a comment as I don't have all the current details of their backup frequency.

You do have to subscribe to a backup service to have them go through the manual work to work with you to restore a table or an application. Or else they charge a large one time fee, like maybe $1,000. I think what may typically happen is that if you don't have a subscription which includes restore services, and have a crises, then they waive the backup fee if you start a subscription. I think the cost is $50 per month.
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To add to what Mark said:

- QuickBase itself keeps daily backups for 2 weeks, then weekly up to 6 months.  The weekly backups are on Saturdays.

- You cannot change the backup time.

- if you'd like quick access to backups, you should subscribe to the Application Restore Service.

- To request a restore, submit a Support Ticket.

- The restore can:

1)  request CSV backups of one or more tables, from a particular date

- most common

- Support will then give you access to an app containing those CSV files

2)  overwrite your current app with the backed-up version (from a week, a month ago, etc.) 

- since you'll lose the data written since the backup you're restoring from, you should only do this if you really want to do this (say if somehow the structure of the app got somehow irretrievably damaged, and you're restoring from yesterday, so you're not losing much data, etc.)

3)  request the restore of the backup version of the app - to a separate standalone version

- this is less common

- what you end up with is 2 apps - your original app, and a separate app which is the restored version

- then you can compare and contrast the 2 versions of the apps
Xavier, thx for that detail!
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Yes thank you both!!

Any ideas about how QB bandwidth works? It seems to be drawing a lot of bandwidth.
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Ann - I think you're best submitting a Support ticket to get an answer from QuickBase.  My first thought is that if you're uploading and downloading lots of big file attachments - that can consume a lot of bandwidth.
Ann, why do you feel that it is drawing a lot of bandwidth?
i'm not sure on that. I will will check with the QB owner I am helping out. He mentioned that it was "drawing a lot of bandwidth" It is a very small 3 table app with only 1 or 2 relationships. no cross app stuff going on and no attachments of any kind. I do have a document table in there but there is only one file in there right now with not too many others expected. I will have to find out if he thinks it is slow or if it's taking up space. not sure his definition of bandwidth.

Thank you for all the help :)
Its super unlikely that QB is taking up a lot of bandwidth.