How to set up one time alert when client's cumulative donations over time reach X amount?

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In order to do the Quickbase Action that we desire, we need
to be able to add all of one payer’s donations together and when that sum goes over a certain amount we want a task to be added. But we cannot do a total of all the donations, is there a formula needed?

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You probably have a a table of Payors and a relationship where 1 Payor has many donations.

You can make a summary field on that relationship to total up all the donations.

Then look that up down to the donations table.

Then you can trigger the action when the cumulative donations is > x.

But the you will also need to know if the task has been created in order to not trigger the creation of the task for every subsequent donation as well.  Assuming that these tasks are also children of the Payors, then you can also make a summary field to count up the # of that task type  and also look that up down to the donations table so as to prevent the Action from creating a task that has already been created.