I Just Got Reamed Out By The QuickBase Coordinating Council!!!!

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I Just Got Reamed Out By The QuickBase Coordinating Council!!!!

I just got back from the annual Intergalactic QuickBase Coordinating Council Meeting and I am ashamed to say I was reamed out something terrible over what I though was a insignificant omission. Apparently there is some old treaty or bureaucratic rule that says you can't introduce god mode for QuickBase (ie Service Workers) into a class C planet without exhausting the introduction of older techniques. I honestly didn't think this policy was still in effect but we all got bosses so I have to conform.

So I though I would knock off three old techniques that you will find super useful as we are just weeks away from god mode for QuickBase:

(1) Users keep asking for counters on their reports. You know count 1, 2, 3 etc for each record in the report regardless of the existing [Record ID#]s.

Here is a simple formula that will count starting at 1:
"<img src onerror='++window.QBU_Count||(window.QBU_Count=1);this.outerHTML=QBU_Count'>"
(2) Users often want to calculate quantities for which there are no existing functions in the QuickBase formula language. For example there are no trigonometric functions available. 

Here is a simple formula that will calculate and display the sine of the field [x]:
"<img src onerror='this.outerHTML=Math.sin(" & ToText([x]) & ")'>"
(3) Users often want to perform counting, looping or some other iterative process in a QuickBase formulas. Well we all know you can't do that and the workaround has been to write some long formula that performs the processing a given maximum number of times. Why this question just came up the other day with someone wanting to count the number of words in a multi-line text field.

Here is a simple formula that will count the number of words in the multiline text feild [Words]:
"<img src onerror='this.outerHTML=`" & [Words] & "`.split(/\\s+/).length'>"
In an interest of time I put all three old techniques into one demo:

Old Techniques Not Discolsed  ~ List All

Pastie Database


(1) All formulas are text formula fields with some HTML allowed.

(2) Some of these formulas use backtick characters to avoid escaping quotes.

(3) These types of formulas can be vastly extended for many other requirements. On planet Claire they used similar formulas in their version of QuickBase for 100s of years before discovering Service Workers

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