I need to trigger a notification on a date change in a date field

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Here is the scenario

  • A new project is setup but no scheduled date is entered
  • A PM comes into the project and enters the scheduled start date
  • A change to that date occurs after it is entered
  • I want to send a notification to a group if the original date changes, even if it changes multiple times from the original
I setup a snapshot of the original date and tried to use a webhook to change the snapshot filed but that did not work. I am thinking that I snapshot the original date, match the entry to the snapshot and if they do not match, fire a notification on the change

Is there a better way?
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Posted 10 months ago

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Through the table Settings --> Notifications, subscriptions, & reminders --> Notifications, you can set up notifications to be sent out if a specific field is modified. Have you tried that yet?
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Joey - I would build a child table to capture the history of changes.  Trigger notifications each time a new date is created by the automation/webhook/qb action; pointing back to the parent-record.  This way you get a true-history of the changes as well.

Snapshots only work on lookup fields; and only when a record is created.
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Thanks Laura....I have started down that path but went down the path of first creating a record for a when a project is created and then change that record. I have a max/min set of fields looking at the related date changes....I will revamp this as the first step is to create a project with a blank date so maybe I take that out and just have it create the record when the date is populated/repopulated each time.
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If you create a new one each time; the trigger will be more effective on the email and you get the benefit of the history in an easy to see embedded report; rather than a text-append type of visual.
If I may offer an alternative solution...

Web hooks allow you to use 'old' and 'new' versions of a field.

You can trigger an web hook anytime the date field changes and add a new record to a 'audit trail' table showing both the new and old values... and trigger the notification off the new record being added to that table with visibility to both the new and old values.

Something like this for the webhook.

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I think automations will work as well. I used a field Install Date and Orig Date
Create a check box formula field 'Is orig date' and use the formula
If(ToText([Install Date])=ToText([Orig Date]),true,false)

You can run the Notification on if the install date is changed and if that date is equal to the original date. Also in the Notification you can display the Original Date. It is an option and a good way to practice Automations, it was for me.