I would like to send out a form for customers to complete, without making them create a Quickbase account first. Is this possible?

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Posted 4 years ago

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You may open up an application to everyone on the Internet. That means that user will be able to access the app without signing in.   

It will simplify your life (well maybe not your WHOLE life,  but this little part of it) if you have a separate QuickBase Application for this purpose.

I suggest having two forms.  One form will be set to be used in Edit Mode, for that Role, and the other form will be set to only show in View mode.  The View mode form will have no fields on it, but rather would just say like

Thank you for your blah blah blah.  We will get right on it.
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Mark, might you also suggest what ROLE for the USER of the Edit Form?
You will create a new Role for this purpose.

The Role needs permissions to edit  and view records, if you intend to add the record for them, save it, and then send out a link to that record in edit mode.  It does not need permissions to add records.   You need to adjust the User Interface settings for that Role to check all the boxes to hide every thing that you can in terms of permissions to search or see any tables.  This is not real security as they are allowed to edit any records.  So you need to make it difficult for them to snoop around and see other entries that they did not do.